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    We will solve the increasingly serious shortage of professional human resources
    and make Japan a "problem-solving advanced country."

    Nareru Group will contribute to the growth of various companies and the growth of Japanese society by developing and sending out in-demand professional human resources to industries suffering from a shortage of human resources with specialized skills.

    Business Introduction

    We work to produce
    professional human resources
    who will lead the future,
    mainly in
    the construction and IT fields.

    In order to resolve the chronic shortage of human resources with specialized skills, the Nareru Group actively recruits inexperienced human resources and strives to develop human resources with the aim of developing them into professional engineers within 5 to 10 years. Masu.
    We will continue to actively focus on recruitment and training, producing a large number of human resources who will lead the future, and working for the future development of companies, industries, and society.

    Group Company Introduction

    Construction Solutions

    World Corporation World Corporation


    World Corporation

    Engineer outsourcing / Architectural drawing business

    Contraft Contraft



    Human resources platform business

    IT Ssolutions




    Engineer dispatch / SES business