Business Introduction


TOPBusiness Introduction

Nareru Group’s Initiatives

With our recruiting and training capabilities,
we will produce many professional human resources who will lead the future.

In order to resolve the chronic shortage of human resources with specialized skills, Nareru Group actively recruits inexperienced human resources and is working on human resource development to develop them into full-fledged engineers within 5 to 10 years. We will continue to actively focus on recruitment and training, producing a large number of human resources who will lead the future, and working for the future development of companies, industries, and society.

01. Hiring inexperienced people、02. Education and development of human resources
、03. Producing professional human resources

Business/Group Companies


Construction Solution Business

Engineer Outsourcing
/Architectural Drawing business

Aiming for the unique position that is indispensable for the future of the construction industry

World Corporation has six locations nationwide, including its head office, and provides dispatching services of construction management engineers and CAD operators, and contract work for creating construction drawings for the construction and plant industries.
We primarily provide services in the areas of architecture, civil engineering, air conditioning and hygiene, and electrical equipment.
We will continue to actively focus on recruitment and training, producing as many young people as possible who will lead the future, and working towards the future development of the construction industry.

Construction Solution Business

Human Resources Platform Business

Utilizing technology to support employment for everyone working in the construction industry

Contraft is developing a human resources platform business that utilizes technology to solve the lack of workers, which is the serious problem in the construction industry.
We mainly involved in the operation of “Jobken Work”, a matching platform for recruiting companies and job seekers, as well as the provision of information on job seekers based on consignment by the National Construction Contractors Association which has paid employment placement business licenses for construction work.

IT Solution Business

Engineer Dispatch/SES business

Solving customers’ IT issues
with professional human resources

ATJC dispatch IT engineers and other personnel and provides SES (system engineering services) for development projects and infrastructure management for Siers etc. We mainly develop web applications using programming languages such as Java and Python, and construct, operate, and maintain IT infrastructure such as AWS. In addition, regardless of industry or project size, we will propose the most suitable IT personnel according to the customer’s needs.